Kirklees ‘Pop up & Mobile’ vaccination sessions

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Information for Community Champions and others who are helping to build confidence in Covid-19 community testing and the vaccination programme in Kirklees. This page was last updated on 17th June 2021. 


Here are the latest details of the Pop up and Mobile vaccination sessions, available to people in Kirklees from 17th June to 3rd July 2021.

It’s important to be mindful of the specific details relating to each session. In some instances only the Pfizer vaccine is available, or there might be a session specifically for women. All these details are listed next to the specific session.

The sessions are for people aged 18+ years.


  • Tesco Extra Car Park – Wednesday 16th June, 12pm-8pm – all welcome, pop up
  • Tesco Extra Car Park – Thursday 17th June, 12pm-8pm – all welcome, pop up
  • Whitaker St. (1 Talbot St.) – Wednesday 16th June, 9am-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Whitaker St. (1 Talbot St.) – Thursday 17th June, 9am-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Whitaker St. (1 Talbot St.) – Friday 18th June, 9am-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Whitaker St. (1 Talbot St.) – Saturday 19th June, 9am-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Whitaker St. (1 Talbot St.) – Sunday 20th June, 9am-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Mount Pleasant, Batley – Madina Masjid Community Centre – Sunday 20th June –
    women 9am-1pm, men 2pm-5pm – pop up

Clayton West

  •  Darby and Joan Club – Friday 18th June, 9am-12pm, 3pm-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Darby and Joan Club – Friday 25th June, 9am-12pm, 3pm-6pm – all welcome, walk in

Deigton and Sheepridge

  • Chestnut Centre, 3rd July, 11am-2pm, all welcome, pop up

Dewsbury and Thornhill

  • Sidings Healthcare Centre – Saturday 10th July (time tbc) – all welcome regardless of whether registered with the practice or not, pop up


  • Honley Village Hall – Saturday 19th June, 10am-5pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Honley Village Hall – Monday 21st June, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – all welcome, walk in


  • Saint Andrews Methodist Church – Wednesday 16th June, 8am-6pm – all welcome, walk in – Pfizer only
  • Saint Andrews Methodist Church – Thursday 17th June, 8am-4pm – all welcome, walk in – Pfizer only


  • Slaithwaite Civic Hall – Thursday 17th June, 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm – all welcome, walk in
  • Slaithwaite Civic Hall – Thursday 24th June, 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – all welcome, walk in


COVID-19 vaccination link to share:


Clinics exclusively for vulnerable people

Some clinics are provided exclusively for vulnerable people. Specifically: homeless, vulnerably, temporarily housed, sex workers, refugees, asylum seekers, gypsy, travellers, Roma):

  • Three Wednesday pop up sessions have been held at Princess Royal Hospital to date, with a further one to be held this week (for 2nd dose pop up sessions)
  • There are also plans for Dewsbury CHART, to coincide with the soup kitchen


Main vaccination sites

Here is a list of sites showing which ones are available via the national booking system [NBS], and which are continuing for second doses only.

  • Knights Pharmacy Birstall, The Old Salvation Army Hall [via NBS]
  • Medcare Pharmacy, Honley Village Hall [via NBS]
  • Medcare Clayton West Derby and Joan Club [via NBS]
  • Medcare Slaithwaite Civic Hall [via NBS]
  • Boots Pharmacy Huddersfield [via NBS]
  • Dewsbury Health Centre
  • Cathedral House [via NBS]
  • Holme Valley Memorial Hospital
  • Al Hikmah [remaining seconds only]
  • Kirkburton Health Centre [remaining seconds only]
  • John Smiths Stadium [via NBS]

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