Chickenley Community Centre’s community response

In spring 2020, Kirklees Council more than doubled the funding that ward councillors have available to support local projects in their area. Through this extra £30,000 of funding per ward, councillors are able to support the groups, projects and volunteers who are such a vital part of the community response to Covid-19. We’re sharing some stories from different wards, so you can see how councillors are using these funds in our local places.

In Dewsbury East, councillors have supported Chickenley Community Centre to provide food and other help for people in local places across the ward, including Chicklenley, Shaw Cross, Earlsheaton, Hanging Heaton and Dewsbury town centre.

Councillors knew that like a lot of other places in Kirklees, local communities would be affected by the coronavirus lockdown. They were asked by Chickenley Community Centre to support setting up a food bank, and have provided £5,000 of funding to the scheme. Among other things, the project is distributing food vouchers and food parcels across the ward.

In this short video we asked Paul Moore, Community Centre Development Worker, to tell us about their work. A small group of volunteers have made the project possible. Together with support from Kirklees Council, the One Community foundation and the Charities Aid Foundation, they are providing far more than food for local communities.

Ward project budgets – your councillors can help

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Ward project budgets – your councillors can help

Putting councillors at the heart

Kirklees Council have made more money available for councillors to help organisations and groups support people in our local places during the Covid-19 pandemic. £30,000 of extra funding is now available for each ward (which is a local place that 3 councillors represent) through their Ward Project Budgets. Please make contact with your local councillors if you are part of a group or project in need of urgent funding to support people in your local place during the coronavirus outbreak.

How much can you apply for?

There are no fixed limits – the funding is decided by your local councillors. You’ll be asked to supply a breakdown of costs, including any other contributions made through grants, fundraising or volunteering

Who can apply?

  • Registered charities
  • Constituted community and voluntary organisations
  • Mutual aid groups who are working with an Anchor organisation
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Faith organisations
  • Schools
  • Local businesses wishing to deliver charitable support

What can be funded?

A few examples of what can be funded include:

  • Existing and new groups supporting vulnerable people who are self-isolating.
  • Befriending groups that provide support for people in isolation.
  • Groups that support the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people.
  • Organisations that provide advice and support about employment and welfare benefits.
  • Support with equipment and materials so that community support can be delivered safely.
  • Help with running costs such as volunteer expenses and transport costs.

Please contact your councillors to discus your ideas.

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