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This support blog is for anyone who is part of the co-ordinated Covid-19 Community Response in our local places. Kirklees Council are working especially closely with local voluntary sector organisations through our partners at Third Sector Leaders Kirklees. Together we’re here to support anyone who is helping others during the coming weeks.

On this site you’ll find:

  • Advice and information for local groups, organisations and volunteers.
  • Key content that anyone who is part of our Community Response can share with citizens.
  • Updates from our Community Response teams and volunteers.

Kirklees Council Third Sector Leaders Kirklees

Covid-19 Community Response in Kirklees


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Index – advice and support for groups and volunteers

List of useful information for anyone who is helping others during the coronavirus outbreak. Our pages can be easily shared via social media, email or messaging services.
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Advice to share with citizens

Useful information that you might like to share with other citizens, including updates from local organisations who can help.
Looking after our neighbours

Mutual aid and looking out for our neighbours

A heartfelt thank you to all the groups who have already organised themselves to help their neighbours in local places across Kirklees. We're all part of the response.
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Community Response blog

Latest updates, stories from local groups and advice for anyone who is helping others during Covid-19 in local places across Kirklees.