Upcoming mutual aid support (video sessions)

Zoom video callsAs part of the co-ordinated Community Response to Covid-19, Kirklees Council and our partners are organising regular Zoom video conferences to support local aid groups.

Here’s what’s happening…


Weekly sessions on a Tuesday

Tuesdays at 5pm (up to 90 mins)
Regular Connection Call for Mutual Aid Groups

This session is open for all admins of mutual aid and hyperlocal groups to join.  There will be open space for questions. This session will be attended by officers from Kirklees Council who will listen deeply to what is going on and continue to reply in full by email before the next call.


How to take part

You should be able to take part in our Zoom conference calls on a smart phone, tablet or computer. In order to avoid overloading these conference calls we’re asking that only leading organisers in your group dial in to our Check-ins. All groups on our contact list have received the Zoom link. You can request the link by contacting Luc.Bride@kirklees.gov.uk

Ways to stay connected


Previous mutual aid support sessions


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